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The Art of Arab Dress | Symposium, 14 Nov

‘Arab Costume Collections: Sustaining Legacies Symposium – The Past, Present & Future’

The Zay Initiative is happy to welcome all to attend the two-hour online symposium, devoted to past, present and future of Arab costume. Join Dr Reem El Mutwalli on Sunday 14 Nov when they will explore ‘The Art of Arab Dress’ in Symposium.

This programme consists in two parts: the importance of Arab dress & culture and the role and relevance of heritage for contemporary brands.

The experts will talk about relations between historical, social and political changes in Arab fashion, and evolution of changing identity. Costume is thus seen as a map that tells stories of people wearing it, their points of view, status, tastes and preferences.

Despite of constant evolution and modernization in fashion area, heritage aspect is still prevalent for many brands. And this is because it provides the sense of timelessness, as heritage is about staying true to their roots and thus shaping the identity of Arab people.

Register for this even now, you can get your ticket here.

Sunday 14 November 2021 13:00 (UK Time)

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