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Al Maqamat Festival: Tunes & Rhythms of Al-Andalus from Morocco and Syria

Al Maqamat is a unique two-day festival of music curated by renowned singer Rachid Gholam, celebrating the great variety of ‘maqamat’: the musical modes of the Arab world. Over a weekend in June, Kings Place will come alive with the rich and diverse Andalusian sounds inherited by Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Syria and preserved and developed by its pioneers over the centuries.

Rachid is enormously appreciated for his extraordinary voice: a voice in the style of the soufies musics in a Syrian directory in the same style as “Qudud Halabiya” or ” Qudud of Alep”

Tarab is an Arabic word describing a deep, stirring musical performance that launches the audience into a trance-like state of ecstasy.

Rachid Gholam

Born in Casablanca in Morocco, Rachid Gholam began his artistic career during the environment of the 80s. Before being called Rachid Gholam, he named El Mutcho. He was a young student, in full spring of his youth. In the time, Rachid Gholam is lead to resume in song of former classics such those of the famous Egyptian singer Oum kalthoum and talented Nazem Al Ghazali.

This weekend we will transport you to another realm, one that dates back to Andalusia to the sounds of Malouf, Al-Tabu, Gharnati, Sama’a, Qudud and Muwashahat. 

Join us for Al Maqamat Festival taking place on two nights at Kings Place. Presented by MARSM

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