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My Last Sweet Memory

I fell in love with music when I was 15. I played drums, trumpet and trombone in the school band, but when I discovered the saxophone there was no looking back. I’ve been playing professionally for 18 years.


Music has helped me in everything – morally, financially, even my manners. It helps maintain one’s soul and is second only to my family. Before we got married, I tried to teach my wife, Rana, to play the flute. We gave up after a few lessons; she’s happy being a good listener.

When she was pregnant, we played Mozart to expose our daughter Aya to music. Now Aya prefers One Direction. I taught all my children to play instruments and I’m a strict teacher. Aya sings and plays the saxophone, Maya and Ahmed love to sing and dance.

When I play at home Ahmed likes to press the buttons and says: “I also want to play.” I tell him, “Daddy has to work, please let me practice,” and he says, “No, I want to I want to play music too.” Sometimes he also brings his own flute and I help him to block the holes because his hands are still small.

I came from Syria to Bangkok. The last time my daughter Aya and I played in Syria we performed with a Latin music band. It was really a wonderful concert. It was very beautiful and it is one of my last sweet memories.

This is a guest post from the UNHCR’s World Refugee Day.

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