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PENGUIN, by Hamzeh Al Hussein

This is the story of a journey, my journey, and it’s all true.

A remarkable debut by Hamzeh Al Hussein, Penguin is an uplifting story of self acceptance and discovery and is part of the Curious Monkey’s long term work with people seeking sanctuary in the UK.

“Here’s what you need to know…
I am Hamzeh. My favourite shisha flavour is double apple. I love dancing.
Here’s what’s going to happen…
There will be loud music. A wedding. My first time on a plane. A lot of moonlight.
This is the story of my life (so far).
People have a lot of questions. The answer is:

“Yes. I can do anything.”

Full of humour and beauty, Hamzeh Al Hussein’s extraordinary story takes you on a personal tour of the places he knows beast: his village in the Syrian mountains, the Za’atari camp in Jordan, his home in Gateshead and inside his mind; a place full of music, dancing, fantasies and marbles. Penguin is directed by Amy Golding. She founded Curious Monkey in 2013 to share stories of underrepresented communities, and in 2019 the company became the North Eats’ first Theatre Company of Sanctuary in recognition of their commitment to being a safe space to those in need sanctuary in the UK. Amy says: Penguin really highlights how one person’s normal can be other person’s extraordinary. It celebrates how you can survive anything with a positive outlook and good humour. I’ve felt so privileged to have known Hamzeh for five years and he has shared a lot of his story with me -he’s lived an extraordinary life already and he’s only in his 20s! It’s a joy to spend time with him; the show is intimate and personal, as well as funny – the audience will be invited into his world and it will feel really special to get to know him.”

Venue: Omnibus Theatre, Clapham (LONDON)

7:45PM SAT, 30 September
4:30PM SUN, 1 October

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