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Velvet Society – المجتمع المخملي: Power and Glamour in 90s Damascus

P21 Gallery, London

“Clothing carries powerful signs of non-verbal communication. It covers us, it represents individual identities that can be played with, disrupted and challenge what we do in our everyday lives, both physically and sexually” says Janis Jefferies, Emeritus Professor of Visual Arts at Goldsmiths University.

Heba Al-Akkad

In collaboration with Litehouse Gallery, P21 Gallery presents the first UK exhibition of creative acts of survival, Velvet Society tells the story of artist Heba Alakkad and civil engineer Raghad Mardini. Two Syrian Muslim women from different backgrounds, they connected through the creativity of visual arts. Viewers can bear witness to their testimonies of liberation from religious and patriarchal violence. Photographs, art objects and items of fashion are displayed to create a commentary on feminism, female freedom, and Syrian history, linked by the medium of textiles.

23rd June – 23rd July 2022

P21 Gallery, 21 Chalton St, London NW1 1JD

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