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September 29, 2014
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October 16, 2014

A Space to Paint

Painting of a crow

القصة بالعربي

I came to Istanbul almost ten months ago. I live in the house of friend of mine, in an area called Mecidiyeköy.

Photograph of Maher Abdo

I used to paint when I first arrived in Istanbul, and I contributed to collective exhibitions with different artists.

Artwork by Maher Abdo

But it was hard for me to live from this work. I had to look for another job so I could survive. There are many Syrian artists working in different professions just to secure a living.

Artwork by Maher Abdo -  figure

The challenge for these artists is finding a space to paint. When an artist does find a place, it allows him to pursue his profession and develop his thoughts.

Artwork by Maher Abdo - crow

If you want to cross continents, you must pass through the borders. The thoughts of the artist needs to cross the border as well. But right now, the Syrian artist cannot cross the border to anywhere.

All images: Maher Abdo

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القصة بالعربي

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