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You can fly high

My mother has always been my inspiration.

I can never forget her face when she used to tell me “You must always fly.”

She is the unknown soldier behind every step of my journey. Ever since I was young, she has always been my greatest supporter and catalyst for my success.

Thanks to her, I am strong. She is my source of motivation. I always remember her constant encouragement ever since I was young. 

She loves to study and excel in whatever she did, but she was deprived of education when she was a child. (So) she encouraged me to study and practice my hobby — which is music.

When I was in the sixth grade, I was one of the pioneers in playing the oud. I traveled to many places to play; this would not have been possible for me without her constant support and encouragement.

“Yes, you can fly high,” my mom used to say to me, always!

When I grew up and achieved the goal that I was aiming for — which is to work in the field that I love, in a laboratory — she was overjoyed for me.

Circumstances have necessitated that I move far away from her, but despite this, her prayers and her tenderness accompany my every step.

On International Women’s Day, I cannot help but send her my appreciation, respect, and love. She gave me the confidence and ambition that she was deprived of personally. She got married when she was thirteen years old, and could not find time for herself, under the guise of customs and traditions of society. She refused to let the cycle continue with her daughter.

My mother did not get the education she deserved, but she was the biggest supporter for me to get my education.

She did not get the childhood she deserved, but she knew what childhood means and gave it to her daughter.

All my love and appreciation are for my mother.

My mom is the heart that keeps me alive.

Written by Manal Rawaeh
Translated by Jamal Aljundi

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