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Issam Kourbaj : Imploded, burnt, turned to ash

Recorded Drawing & Sound Performance by the Syrian-born artist Issam Kourbaj Conversation with the author and artist Patricia Townsend

About this event

As part of the Refugee Week (19th-26th June 2022), Qisetna will host a online screening of Imploded, burned, turned to ash, a performance produced in March 2021 at Downing College, Cambridge (UK) by the Syrian-born artist, Issam Kourbaj.


Issam has always had an interest in exploring issues of conflict and migration, and since 2011 he has been dedicated to raising awareness about conflict in his native Syria.

Working across several mediums, including painting, installation, sculpture, works on paper, film, and performance, Issam’s art is a personal reflection on his Syrian culture and identity.

Dark Water, Burning World, Issam Kourbaj

In this conversation with the author Patricia Townsend, he will discuss his artistic response to the emotionally painful destruction of the places of his childhood in Syria, to the humanitarian and refugee crisis there, and to his many fellow Syrian citizens, who now make up the global diaspora.


► Online Conversation + Q&A

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