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Syrian Night of Music & Storytelling

Saturday, August 27, 2022, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Place: Levant Book Café, 26-28 Standard Rd, London NW10 6EU

An evening of exceptional original songs and the stories behind them.

Come and join for an evening of exceptional original songs and the stories behind them from Anan Tello, Bassel Hariri, J Walid Zaido Zedo, Rama Alcoutlabi.

About the artists:

Rama Alcoutlabi from Salamieh. Awardee of Said Foundation Scholarship, she has a master’s degree in Research and International Development She’s passionate about world music and ethnomusicology. The music that was used to orally preserve and pass down the rich history of the people all around the world. Through her music she aspires to make sure that the stories of forgotten people are being told.

Walid Zaido is a percussionist, educated and trained at the higher institute of music in Damascus, specialising in classical and oriental music. He was a member of the Syria National Orchestra, the Syrian National Orchestra for Arabic Music, the Arab Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians and many others. Walid has a record of concerts in many opera houses in many countries, including the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Algeria, Morocco and Lebanon.

Bassel Hariri is a Syrian musician and lawyer born and raised in Syria. He tudied at the Arab Musical institute in Aleppo. Having studied law at the University of Aleppo, Syria, in 2019 he received the Chevening Award to pursue an MSc in Migration and Development at SOAS University of London.Bassel a member of the London Syrian Ensemble and he works on his own musical projects in addition to a weekly virtual jam sessions streaming through the clubhouse app.

Thaer Aljohari, born in Syria in 1983 moved to the UK in 2008 working in media and filming production and music takes a huge part of his life because I started playing Oud since he was 5 years old.

Anan Tello is a Syrian journalist and playwright. She has an MA in Writing for Performance from the University of Leeds and is now doing a master’s in International Journalism at the same university. Her current creative practice focuses primarily on the Syrian cultural blend, the displacement experience, and attitudes towards the Syrian diaspora.

This event supported by Hammersmith United Charities, and present by Shubbak Festival and Hikayetna

Place: Levant Book Café, 26-28 Standard Rd, London NW10 6EU

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